Vasa Museum Stockholm   Royal Palace Gamla Stan Vasa Museum Stadshuset

Key attraction information

Sank: 1628
Salvaged: 1961
Ship length: 68 m
Ship width: 11.3 m
Ship height: 52 m
Museum opened: 1990


The Vasa Museum contains the only 17th century ship which has ever been pulled up from the bottom of the sea in one piece. In addition to the ship itself, the museum contains all the objects that were found with the ship. It was built for the King Gustav II Adolf.

The Vasa ship sank on her first voyage in 1628 and salvaged in 1961, after 333 years spent on the bottom of the sea.  It had 64 guns and could carry 300 soldiers. It is considered to be the largest battleship built at that time.

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