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Key country data

Capital: Ankara
Area: 783.5 k km2
Population: 78 mln
Languages: Turkish, Kurdish, other minority languages
Currency: Turkish new lira (TRY)
Voltage: 230V/50Hz, Plug type C/F
Time zone: UTC+2
Political system: Parliamentary republic
Main religions: Muslim (mostly Sunni)


The Ottoman Empire started to decline from the beginning of the 19thcentury. It led to a rise of nationalist movements among different people populating the empire. The Ottoman Empire joined World War I on the side of the Central Powers and was defeated.

The modern Repulic of Turkey was created after the World War I from the Ottoman Empire by a movement lead by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who became the first president of the republic after abolishment of the Sultanate ending over six century of that rule.



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