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Construction: around 2150 BC


Stonehenge is the best known prehistoric site in the UK. What we can see now, was probably constructed some 3500 years ago. It can be found in Wiltshire, 8 miles north of Salisbury

Stonehenge started a large earthwork dating to over three thousand years BC.

The second Stonehenge was built starting in 2150 BC when  80 stones, some of 4 tonnes, from mountains in south-west Wales were moved to the site. covering distance of close to 240 miles. When at the site, the stones were put in such a way they make an double circle.

In the 3rd stage of construction, around two thousand years BC, stones were brought from the Marlborough Downs, 25 miles north of Stonehenge.

The last stage was around 1500 BC when the stones were moved into the horseshoe and circle pattern and this is what we can see nowadays.

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