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Key attraction information

Construction started: 1732
Style: Baroque
Height: 26 m
Width: 49 m


This is known the world over as the fountain where Anita Ekberg cooled off in La Dolce Vita. Although it is tucked away in a tiny piazza, it’s almost impossible to miss, as the alleys which approach in are filled with souvenir shops and takeaway pizzerias and full of the sound of water. Permanently surrounded by crowds, the fountain gleams with powerful torrents of water and constant camera flashes. The attention is justified: it’s a magnificent Rococo extravaganza of sea horses, conch-blowing tritons, rocks and trees, below the wall of the Palazzo  Poli. The fountain, designed by Nicolo Salvi for Pope Clement XII, was finished in 1762, though the canal that feeds it has been there since the Roman times. 

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