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The most famous shopping and entertainment district in Japan, Ginza contains the largest concentration of department stores, expensive boutiques, galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants in Tokyo. It is also an important commercial hub, home to some of Japan’s most prestigious companies, as well as the location of several hotels. Ginza’s best-known landmark is the Hattori Clock Tower, which stands as the top of the Wako department store, at the intersection of Harumi-dori and Chuo-dori. The clock was first installed in 1894 and many of the nearby shops are as old or older. The Kimuraya bekery, next door to Wako, opened in 1874 and is still a very popular place, especially for its tofu (beancurd) bread. Mikimoto sells cultured pearls and was, perhaps, the first shop in the world to do so, having opened in 1899. The Sony Building contains restaurants and boutiques, in addition to three Sony showrooms where new products and developments are displayed to the public.

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