Budapest Budapest   Buda Castle Fisherman's Bastion Chain Bridge Parliament House Vaci Street Heroe's Square St.Stephen's Basilica Gellert Baths

Key city information

Population: 1.74 mln
Area: 525 km2
Time zone: UTC+1/+2
Local date/time:


Budapest tourist attractions:

  • Buda Castle
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Chain Bridge
  • Parliament House
  • Vaci Street
  • Heroe's Square
  • St.Stephen's Basilica
  • Gellert Baths



Budapest is a full of life European capital where you may visit wonderful sights, walk through magnificent bridges and use over a hundred year old terms.


Mathias Church- when you are in Budapest you need to visit this church and listen to its splendid concerts. The church where kings were crowned has ideal acoustics and wonderful decorations. Concerts are usually organized in the evenings so from the Fisherman`s Bastion you can observe Budapest panorama.

Hungarian Parliament Building- you cannot miss this. It is modeled on the British Parliament Building. When you are inside the parliament you can see beautiful and rich decorations and regalia of St. Stephan. As far as St. Stephan is concerned, you can see his relic in the biggest church in Budapest- St. Stephan`s Church.

If you want to rest from the city noise, go to the town in the distance of 30 km from Budapest which is called Godollo. This town is loved by Hungarians and it was also loved by Sissi (Empress Elisabeth). In this old summer residence of the Empress Elisabeth all kinds of exhibitions and concerts take place.

Budapest is famous for its terms. Turks who for over 145 years ruled Budapest were the first to use the thermal sources. The most popular are:

Rudas Thermal Bath- has 5 pools and dates back to 1566, however if you do not like too much crowd just go somewhere else.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath were the water is supplied by two thermal springs-  one which is 77 degrees Celsius and another with 74 degrees Celsius. This bath was built in 1913 and it is still largely attended.

More intimate baths are in Racz Thermal Bath which dates back to the 16th century. The bath is open alternately for men and women.

The most elegant thermal baths are in the palace called Gellert , what is more, you can combine bathing with sightseeing.

You must walk through the Vaci Street, it leads from the Fovam Square (just next to the fair center- perfect place for buying Hungarian specialties like salami and peppers) to the Vorosmarty Square. This street is more like a promenade with elegant shops and restaurants situated in houses from XIX and XX century. It is worth stepping to the florist " Philanthia" or to the oldest pharmacy in the city just on the corner of Vaci and Kigyo Street.

In Budapest, there are several famous places where you can eat, for example Gundel Etterem where you will eat most delicious pancakes with chocolate-hazelnut filling. If you want to taste Hungarian wine (there are around 700 types of wine) you should definitely go to Magyar Borok Haza- it is a Hungarian House of Wine.

In the evening, when you are tired of sightseeing, go to the A38 Club where you will listen to a music. The club is actually a Soviet boat moored to the shore of the Danube on the Buda side.

Budapest has 7 bridges and the greatest of these bridges is the Chain Bridge, at night it is lighted and makes a great view from the distance.

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